Student Placement

Students are placed in classes based on teacher recommendations. For 5th grade students we use the following information:

  • 5th grade teacher recommendations.

  • Math placement test designed by SVMS teachers in conjunction with UCSC.

  • Special needs forms - available from the SVMS office, must be submitted by the May due date Please note - requests for a specific teacher/academy will not be honored. Use the form to provide information about the learning style and needs of your child.

Using the information provided, the administrative staff begin student placement in late June and on through the summer. The focus is on balancing classes of students based on teacher input, parent input, boy/girl balance, student interests, readiness, behavior, motivation and special needs. Actual placements are adjusted and finalized in August due to the fluctuations in enrollment and staffing.

Individual schedules will be available at WEB/REG days in August. After assignments are made, changes will only be made at the discretion of the administrative staff.