Rules of Student Conduct


To be filled out by students regarding student incidents.



Consequences can include any configuration of the following:

  • Student, Parent, Teacher, Administrator conference.

  • Lunch detention/clean up

  • Reflective question

  • Detention after school

  • Lunch and break detention

  • Loss of school privileges 

  • Suspension

  • Expulsion

*If you earn a referral, you may not attend the next school dance unless the referring teacher or staff member clears your referral. 

*If you earn more than one referral before a dance, you may not attend the dance.

*If you are suspended, you may not attend the next dance.

If you are suspended, you may request work directly from your teachers to keep current with the curriculum. Teachers will give half credit for completed work


District programs and activities shall be free from all unlawful discriminating. This means that discrimination and/or harassment based on ethnic group, gender, religion, sexual orientation, color, race, national origin or physical or mental disability (or the perception of one or more of these characteristics) shall not be tolerated. If a student or a parent has a concern or wishes to file a complaint, please contact the school principal or the Educational Services department at the district office. Full copies of the District's policy and complaint procedures may be obtained on the district web site or by contacting the district superintendent's office.