Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct

In order to participate in extracurricular activities, including but not limited to, sports, school-sponsored clubs, and Student Government, a student and their parents/guardians must understand and agree to follow the rules below.  Any student/parent/guardian who does not follow these rules is subject to suspension or removal from the team or organization.

  1. Students must abide by the district policies related to discipline.

    1. Any student suspended from school will be removed from any meetings, practices, or sporting events for the 5 school day period after the suspension.  

    2. Students will not be allowed to compete on the weekend following a suspension.

    3. A student will be removed from a team or group for the remainder of the season if they earn three or more referrals.

  2. Students must refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on or off campus.  Any student caught using these substances will be immediately removed from the team for the remainder of the season.

  3. Students must have regular and prompt attendance at all practices and games, except in the case of illness or when the coach excuses the student.

  4. Students/parents/guardians must follow the rules established by the coach, teacher, or director of the program.

  5. Students/parents/guardians must represent the school and community through good citizenship and conduct, including but not limited to:

    1. Displaying cordial conduct to visiting team members

    2. Displaying good sportsmanship

    3. Respecting the integrity and judgment of athletic officials, coaches, and athletic directors and avoiding divisive action or words, towards them. 

    4. Not approaching coaches/officials/directors during practice or games.

    5. Avoiding profanity, vulgarity, and rowdiness, and obscene actions of any nature

  6. Students must maintain academic eligibility:

    1. A student must maintain a 2.0 GPA with no F grades at each grade check.

    2. Grade checks will occur at every trimester grade report. Eligibility for a team will be based on the grades from the previous period.

    3. Students are allowed one trimester of probation.  If they fail to raise their grades to the appropriate level, they will be ineligible at the next grade-reporting period, and will continue to be ineligible until the grades are raised.

  7. Attendance:

    1. Anyone absent from school on game/activity/event day is not eligible to compete/participate.  They must be in attendance for at least 4 periods of the day to be eligible for competition.

    2. A student who is absent from school will not participate in practice on that day.

    3. A student is expected to attend every practice and get permission from their coach/teacher if they cannot make practice.

  8. Students must be able to participate in PE class to be eligible for after school athletics.  Any student who is excused from PE by a parent or a doctor’s note, will be unable to participate in athletics for the same duration.

The Emergency Treatment of a Minor and Release of Liability form must be signed and completed by both parent and student and be given to the coach/teacher before the student is permitted to participate in any sport or activity.  This form must be completed for each activity in which the student is involved.