PE Clothes


What will happen if my child doesn't have PE clothes on the first day of school?

Many students will not have their PE clothes on the first day of school. Students do not dress out the first week of school. Students who are waiting for their order of PE clothes will not be penalized. PE teachers will be addressing this the first week of school.

Can we wear PE clothes from previous years?

Yes any SVMS PE clothes are acceptable.

If I ordered my child's PE clothes in June, when will they arrive?

They should arrive by the end of August. Orders are shipped approximately 3 weeks after the ordering window has closed.

How do I know what size my child will wear?

They are standard sizes. You should order the size your child wears if you shop at Target, Kohls, Old Navy, etc. Please keep in mind that most middle school students wear adult sizes.

If I order PE clothes now, when will they arrive?

The current order window is open from Aug. 1 - Aug. 12. This order be delivered by approximately mid September.

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