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Coach Contact INFO 2021-22


HEAD Coach:

Nick Reyes


Congratulations 2016-17 North County All Tournament Winners!

Ally, Dylan N., Dylan W.


Congratulations to our 2017 Wrestlers!


      1st Place  ~ Lucas, Zac

       2nd Place~ Tony, Taylor, 

       3rd Place ~ Sammy


       1st Place  ~ Ally, Dylan W.

       2nd Place ~ Logan, Dylan N.

       3rd Place ~  Sophia, Makaio, Irene, Matis, 

       4th Place ~  Conner, Gage, Emily, Leala


Full results and Stats Below!


2021-22 Information

 Practice Schedule!

Wrestling Practices: START

Thursday, Jan. 13th, 2022

 Mon., Tues, Thurs., Friday in the Scotts Valley High School Wrestling Room until Feb. 2nd then Mon. - Thurs.

6:30 pm to 8 pm

Pick up Release of Liability Forms and Code of Conduct packets in the office.  

**When the high school wrestlers have dual meets, there will NOT be practice!

Please contact your coaches for more information (see left side) 

Q and A

Q:  Who can wrestle?

A:  Boys AND Girls with good academic standings can wrestle!

Q:  Are there tryouts?

A:  There are NO tryouts, just a willingness to come out and join the fun while you get a daily GREAT workout and learn new skills.

Q:  Who participates in the Dual Meets?

A:  Most everyone participates in the Dual Meets.  Wrestlers are grouped into weight categories, or classes.  You will wrestle against each other within your weight class.  The wrestler(s) who WIN the wrestle off prior to the Dual Meet, are the ones who will make the varsity team for that week.

Q:  Are there tournaments for wrestling?

A:  YES!  The wrestling team will participate in the CCAL finals tournament and one or two more weekend tournaments.

League Finals 3-17-17
League Finals 3-10-17
2018-19 SVMS Win/Loss

B40 @ SV     Win!

ND  vs SV      Win!

MH  @ SV     Win!

NB  @  SV     Win!

SHL vs SV     Loss

SLV vs SV      Loss

Finals            4th place in league

Congratulations to:

Rowan S. H. 4th place

Elijah V. 3rd

Sydney L. 4th place

Ally C. 1st place

Carlos V. 3rd place

Kayla M. 4th place

Conner O'B.-K. 2nd place

Jess R.  4th place

Rowan J. 3rd place

Billy B. 3rd place