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Q and A

Q:  When does track and field start?

A:  The CCAL official starting date for Track and Field is Monday, March 26, 2018.

Q:  Do I have to tryout to be on the team?

A:  No, stay tuned for an informational meeting prior to the start date for more information.  Come on out, RUN, do field events and join the FUN!

Final Track Results 2015 season League Champions! Congratulations
League Champions by 110 points over SLV
13 4x100 relays placing in top 8 with 5 of 6 divisions taking 1st
13 4x400 relays placing in top 8 with A and C Girls placing 1st
1st Places Overall:
Sydney Ginieczki--100
Emma Shaeffer-Whittal - Hurdles
Jessica Kain, SIlas Erickson -- 800
Jack Hellman, Sydney Ginieczki -- 200
Ethan Hasenauer - Discus
Kyle Dapar, Sydney Ginieczki -- Long Jump
Kyle Rajala, Kylie Clouse -- High Jump
Jessica Kain, Macy Craft, Sean Osterkamp - 1600
Kylie Clouse, Kyle Dapar, Malia Alvarez,  -- 100
Kylie Clouse, Anna Hakimi, Luke Bjermeland -- 200
Malia Alvarez, Davin Kiesby, Sydney Inman -- Hurdles
Taylor Spence -- 800
Anna Hakimi,Kelly McEntee,Ethan Hasenauer -- 1600
Skylar Kuo -- Long Jump
Genevieve Bellevance -- Shot Put 
Dylan Leonard, SIlas Erickson, Lily Ross -- High Jump
Olivia Smith -- 100
Matalie Menchaca - Hurdles
Brooke Henderson, Olivia Smith -- 400
Olivia Pisciotta, Bubby Prince, Sophia Davis -- 800
Casey Collins -- 200
Dylan Guin -- 1600
Dylan Leonard - Long Jump
Sophia Brown, Bubby Prince -- High Jump
WHAT A THROW! 94+ Ft. 2016

Track and Field

2019 Track and Field Information

Track and Field paperwork is in the office for those that have not yet picked up packets.

March 18, 19, 20, 2019:

Uniform issue with COMPLETED packets only!  

Thursday, March 21, 2019:

Mandatory Track Picture Day directly after school!  Bring your uniforms to school and change at lunch to be ready.  **Singlets and gym type shorts.**

Wednesday, March 27, last day to get spirit wear orders in.

We encourage you to come to all the practices, but at least 2 per week if you are willing to condition yourselves on your own to prevent injuries.

Mondays and Tuesdays after Spring Break we will practice at SVMS after school to 4:30

Wednesdays are mandatory away practices at SLV HS from 4:30 to 6pm

Be there at 4:15, changed and ready to practice!

~high jump, long jump, hurdles, 4x100, long distance, short distance conditioning.

Because we may not practice on Thursdays, it is important to let Mrs. Black know what 4 events you will be doing by TUESDAYS, or we will place you in events.

Our first meet is April 12th at SLVHS, be there as close to 3pm as possible.  This is a relay meet with the field events.

Friday meets after this, 3:45 start, be there as close to 3pm as possible.  Venues TBA.  Finals: May 18, 2019 ~ SLV HS



Monday, March 25th ~ 3 to 4:15 ~ parent meeting in the Patio after practice.

Tuesday, March 26th ~ 3 to 4:30

Wednesday, March 27th ~ 2 to 3:30pm

Thursday ~ no practice

Friday, March 29 ~ 3 to 5:00 ~ high jump, throws, practice with the batons.

Week of April 1 to 5pm ~ practice on your own for Spring Break!

After Spring Break

Mon. and Tues. ~ 3 to 5pm

******make sure we have your events or we will pick them for you!

Wednesdays, away practices at SLVHS ~ 4:30 to 6pm

Fridays = meets.  Be there as close to 3pm as possible.  Venues TBA.

2018-19 Track and Field Schedule

***All Meets start at 3:45!!****  

Subject to change.  Please refer to this page for updates!


Day          Date          Place          Meet          Time


Fri.          Apr. 12       SLVHS        Relay            3:45  

Fri.          Apr. 19       TBA            Standard      3:45

Fri.          April 26      TBA            Standard      3:45

Fri.          May 3         TBA            Standard      3:45

Fri.          May 10       SLVHS        Qualifying    3:45

Fri.          May 17       SLVHS        Finals           3:45



Send me a text   234-7610


If there is someone willing to monitor the facebook site, please come forward, we at SVMS are blocked during the school day. field/

3-28-18 Parent meeting notes to download and print

2017-18 Track parent meet notes.docx

2017-18 Track Results!

2017-18 Track Results.xlsx

4x100 Relay Pass of the Week (B Girls zone #1) 4-21-17
4x100 Relay Pass of the Week (B Girls zone #1) 4-21-17
2017 Team Party!
2017 Team Party!