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Site Council

The SVMS site council meets once a month. The agenda is posted in the office. The School Site Council is comprised of the Principal, three faculty representatives, one classified representative, one student representative and four community representatives. There is also an additional community representative installed as an alternate.

The SVMS School Site Council’s objective is to aid students in achieving maximum academic potential while providing a supportive learning and social environment. We will continue to strive to meet these goals, once again facing the challenging economic situation of education in California as effectively as possible.

As an advisory committee to the school, School Site Council is a valuable component of SVMS. The Council develops our Single School Plan for Student Achievement, which includes setting goals for the school, determining appropriate expenditures and monitoring progress of the plan.

See our newsletter for regular site council updates and opportunities for participation.


The Site Council has conducted a survey of parents and staff and is in the process of surveying the student population on their views of SVMS' program and facilities.

The Student Survey can be reached here.


13.14 School Site Members

1.  Principal Mary Lonhart

2. President Janet Hendricks

3.  Rocco Chappie

4.  Kim Ponza

5.  Ann Brooke-Freeman

6.  Elizabeth Poser

7.  Liz Pennington

8.  Lark Pifferini

9.  Caroline Bombardieri

10.  Christie Danner, Alternate