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HW SCHEDULE Typical Weekly Schedule

Monday-Read History text

Tuesday-Complete Reading Questions

Wednesday-Complete Biography, Document Study or Map Assignment/prepare for test

Thursday- Complete Research & Vocabulary


World History 7 C. Bombardieri

Bulletin Board

Materials: Binder, binder paper, writing utensil, 12 pack colored pencils, eraser, reading book, Curiosity!

Behavior Expectations: Respect, Safety, and Responsibility!

Please check daily homework “binder reminder” for students to record nightly assignments. Students will be graded on homework, classwork, projects, tests, and quizzes, in addition to their effort, productivity, participation, and teamwork.



History 7 is the detailed study of World History. Students will use a variety of materials to master the curriculum outlined in the California Standards for World History. Units of study will focus on social, political, economic, cultural and technological change from A.D. 500-1789. This course will allow students to link past and present events and understand how cultures are different but share a common humanity.

Major Units

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Medieval Catholic Church

The Rise of the Byzantine Empire

The Rise of Monarchies & Central Government

The Origin & Expansion of Islam

The Renaissance & Protestant Reformation

Asian Religions & Philosophies

The Age of Exploration

Feudal Japan

The Scientific Revolution & the Age of Enlightenment

The Mongols - The Great Khans

The French Revolution & the English Civil War

Chinese History AD 220-1912

Africa - Past & Present

Medieval Europe

The Americas - the Olmec, Maya, Aztec & Inca

My expectations for my students are the following: they will develop a love of learning and sharpen their thinking skills; they will become better readers and writers, engage in a variety of challenging projects, and share their learning with others. 

Google Classroom Access

World History 7 Period 1 A:

World History 7 Period 2 B: