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Distance Learning Citizenship:

As we work together during distance instruction, it is important that we continue to make responsible, respectful, and safe choices about how we use powerful digital tools.

Please log into student Google account ( using Chrome Web browser to work in class sessions.


The same expectations of engagement, originality, and respect in communication we use in our rooms, we expect online.

Materials provided are intended for instruction and use of enrolled students only.

Email Directory

 Grade 7 Teachers Website & Contact Directory

Katrin Deetz, Math & Science 📧 K. Deetz

 Sally Ghilarducci, Science 📧 S. Ghilarducci

 Sylvia Jacobson, Math 7 & Math7H📧 S. Jacobson

Marty Leshin, History 📧 M. Leshin

Liz Pennington, Resource📧 L. Pennington

Paul Sampson, Spanish & Art📧 P. Sampson

Kristen Silva, English📧 K. Silva