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English 7 C. Bombardieri

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English at grade 7 has an emphasis on writing and the continued development of reading, mechanics and communication skills. The program is aligned with state standards and  Common Core national standards. Students will compose, read, analyze and practice grammar. We will share Core novels and read independently. Vocabulary development will be addressed with Membean practice as well as spelling.
My expectations for my students are the following: they will develop a love of learning and sharpen their thinking skills; they will become better readers and writers, engage in a variety of challenging projects and share their learning with others. At home, I expect all students to work for a half-hour to an hour four weeknights on assignments.

Average Homework Schedule:
Monday: Spelling and reading
Tuesday: Reading or Composition
Wednesday: Composition or Reading Analysis 
Thursday: Review for Spelling Test, Complete Literature assignment.
**Students are to complete in-class reading questions for assigned chapter or selection the day it is read.

Materials: Binder, binder paper, writing utensil, 12 pack colored pencils, eraser, reading book, IMAGINATION!

Behavior Expectations: Respect, Safety, and Responsibility!

Review this course syllabus. It details the requirements and content of the class.

Check daily homework “binder reminder” for students to record nightly assignments.

Use Illuminate to check progress.

Students will be graded on homework, classwork, projects, tests, and quizzes, in addition to their effort, productivity, participation, and teamwork.


Contact Caroline Bombardieri  Caroline Bombardieri (831) 438-0610 ex: 208 Teacher

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