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Best Practices for Grade Six

SVMS 6th Grade Homework Tips for Students and Parents

  • In 6th grade, we expect approximately one “working” hour on school work.

  • For Math, have your student stick to a time limit, and then have him/her come to class with questions about homework he/she didn’t understand.

  • If your student needs to take a break every 15 minutes, set a timer, take a break, then set the timer again for another 15 minutes.

  • Plan your week using the SchoolLoop, which is updated at the beginning of each week.

  • Set aside space to work, with all supplies necessary

  • Have the student do homework where you can easily supervise.

  • Enrichment is not a time for homework, but it is a time to get extra help on homework or catch up on absent work.

  • Put distractions away during homework time!! Examples can include social media devices, video games, and TV.

  • Don’t forget that 6th graders require good nutrition and rest to function well at school.

6th Grade Materials Recommendation:

  • 3 ring binder

  • SVMS Binder Reminder or calendar/planner

  • Plastic tab dividers

  • Binder paper

  • Tons of pencils and erasers

  • Handheld pencil sharpener with shaving receptacle

  • Pens (blue or black ink)

  • A set of colored pencils

  • Dry erase markers

  • Highlighters For Science:

  • ERSKINE: 1-2 two pocket folders

  • FISH:2 composition books with 100 pages each. Can purchase from science teacher the first week of school.

  • For Math: calculator, glue stick, metric ruler, Quad Ruled Composition books

  • Silent reading book

  • Optional: plastic pencil holder in the binder

  • At home: computer, clear tape, glue, scissors


•Check School Loop nightly for assignments, classroom, and school news.

• Record and review information in your Binder Reminder for weekly homework.  Be sure to check Synergy ParentVUE and the school website weekly.

• Bring to class the following supplies daily: binder, binder paper, Binder Reminder, pen, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, and a pencil sharpener.

• Always write with complete sentences, and R the Q (restate part of the question in your answer).

• When absent, you are still required to read all assigned materials and complete all make-up work (check School Loop for homework and check in with your teacher for missed classroom  assignments)

• Utilize your time in Enrichment period to get caught up on late or absent work or get help from your subject teachers.



• Expect nightly homework.

• Check your student’s completed work.

• Print out the week’s assignments from the school website (School Loop).

• Check Synergy each week for graded/missing assignments.



• Work will be provided for students when they return from an absence.

• Available to help students during Enrichment period.

• Grades updated weekly on Synergy.

• Assignments updated on School Loop weekly and listed on classroom board for the week.

• Large assignments are broken down.