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SAI Math B


Assignments are provided to students individually and at their appropriate academic level.

SDC Math

Mrs. Bowyer

The Pacific Academy

831-438-0610, ext. 227 



Course Description: 


   Instruction is based on each student’s IEP goals and ability level.

   One on one and small group instruction will be provided.

               The teacher will align elements of the course content with general education course content. 


Materials Required: 


           Binder Reminder         highlighter(s)

               1” 3 ring binder             pen

               dividers (5 subjects)    binder paper

               pencils (with erasers)                        


           Student Expectations: 


           The behavioral expectations are listed on the students’ Daily Point Sheets.  Every day, students are expected


                       * come prepared for class

                       * follow directions first time asked

                       * follow directions without complaint or argument

                       * use courteous words and actions towards others

                       * stay focused and on task 


50% of a student’s grade will be based on the earned points on Daily Point Sheets.


Grades:  Successful students will attend class regularly and be respectful of the classroom expectations.  Grades will be based on the following:


  • Participation (Daily Point Sheets) – 50%
  • Class assignments/homework – 50%


I have read and understand the course outline for SDC Math.


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