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Grade 8 Elective Courses

SVMS Electives for the 19.20 School Year : 8th Grade

Geometric Art

In this course, students work in two and three dimensions to create artworks that use geometric shapes and principles. Students work with a variety of mediums including water colors, thread, colored pencils and origami paper. They learn to use a compass and straightedge to create precision works. Course content varies slightly from course to course.




As leadership students, you will have daily responsibilities of being active role models in our school community; creating, publicizing, and facilitating  school events; fundraising; and “one on one” communication to the classrooms as needed. Other expectations include contributions to weekly class meetings; time management; organization; publicity/marketing strategies; understanding the importance of active kindness, inclusion, and compassion; positive communication; considering the opinions of your peers; and team building. In order to implement effective leadership, you will engage in evaluation processes, character education, conflict management, goal setting, and career exploration.



Roadtrip: A Pursuit of World Geography (formerly Geography)

Geography has become an increasingly important topic in our ever shrinking world. Just as we must know and understand our own culture and nation, we must also have an unbiased understanding of other nations and cultures to function in a multicultural, global environment. This class will review the following concepts and subject matter:  thinking geographically, physical geography, political geography and human geography.



Spanish 1 (separate form required)

A year-long course that provides students with a level one knowledge of the Spanish language.  Students will learn parts of speech, and how to put a sentence together to produce short essays, conversations, and art projects, as well as take an occasional test. Verbal activities include singing, presenting short plays, and a prepared speech.  The homework load is light; once or twice a week.



Traditional Study Hall

Students will be provided a supervised setting to complete homework.  Essential school materials will be available for student use. This may allow for peer to peer support however should not be considered direct instruction/tutoring for individual students.




Photography, page layouts, yearbook themes, design ideas – putting together a yearbook from start to finish is full of tasks that get the creative juices flowing. The goal of yearbook class is to capture the atmosphere of Scotts Valley Middle School and include every student's picture in the book. Students are partnered up and given the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on both at school and at home. Yearbook class will help reinforce writing and social skills, as well as time management, prioritizing, reliability, and the responsibility of following through on tasks when others are depending on you. For students who are looking for a creative outlet, yearbook class is the place to be.