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End of Year Activity Requirements for 8th Grade

The promotion ceremony, dance, and end of the year trips are privileges to be earned by students.  Therefore, to participate in these events, each 8th-grade student must meet the following requirements:

End of the Year Trip and Promotion Dance

Must have fulfilled community service requirements.

Must have no F’s for the third trimester.

Must not be ineligible for disciplinary reasons (i.e. referrals, suspensions)

Promotion Ceremony

Must not be ineligible for disciplinary reasons (i.e. referrals, suspensions).

***Any student who earns 4 or more referrals and/or suspensions in their 8th-grade year will be removed from all activities except the promotion ceremony***

If a student is ineligible to attend the end of the year trip and attends anyway, they may be removed from the promotion dance and/or ceremony.

Appeal Process:  

  • Parents and students may appeal the loss of a privilege to the principal.  If parties feel appropriate action is not taken, they may further appeal to the Superintendent.


  • Student attendance for a minimum of four periods is mandatory during the scheduled school day to participate in any of the above-mentioned activities.