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Hybrid Learning Information and Parent FAQ

Hybrid FAQ

How many students will be in each classroom?

SVMS will be following the guidlines for social distancing which will determine the limits for each classroom based upon those guidelines.

When does hybrid start?

All students will begin to follow the hybrid bell schedule starting Monday, March 22nd. 

Students in 6th grade A group will come to campus on Monday, March 22nd. Students in 6th grade B group will start on campus on Wednesday, March 24th.

Students in 7th and 8th grade A group will join 6th grader on campus Monday, March 29th and 7th and 8th grade B group students will start on Wednesday, March 31st.


How will students know where their classrooms are located?

All students can access their schedule with classroom numbers in the illuminate portal under schedule. Students will have access to a map upon arrival to campus. Additionally maps will be posted around campus to help with navigation.

What time do students need to be picked up?

Students should be picked up at 11:55 on the days that they are on campus.