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Distant Learning Parent FAQ

Does my child get an elective?

During distant instruction we will NOT have our regular electives. Currently the only electives that are offered are band and Spanish 1 (8th grade ONLY). 

Where will my student find the Zoom links for each day’s lessons? 

Zoom links are posted on each teacher's Google Classroom page under "Classwork."

What is the easiest way for my student to stay on top of the weekly assignments?

All classwork and homework assignments will be posted on the weekly “Monday Manager”. 

6th grade: It is listed on the Google Calendar on the 6th grade webpage.

7th and 8th grade: It is posted on the their webpages. See the large green “button” at the top. 

Tip: Your student can stay up-to-date on weekly assignments by printing out and posting the weekly Monday Manager in a space that will be easy to access. 

What is the easiest way for my student to access Google Classroom assignments?

Skip the stream and email alerts. Instead, go straight to the “Classwork” tab to see posted work.

What is the easiest way to see if all work has been turned in?

  1. Log into the student’s account.

  2. Go to the “Classwork” tab and click on the blue link “View work” to see the list of assignments for the class. It will show whether it is turned in, missing, or graded.  

    1. Be aware that some students have figured out that they can click “Turn in” for blank or incomplete assignments and it will appear to be complete. If there is a discrepancy between Illuminate and Google Classroom, it may be wise to ask to see the completed work from time to time.

How can I help my student stay on track?

  1. Keep phones in a separate room during Zoom lessons. 

  2. If possible, set up a space for your student to work on a computer in the dining room, living room, or other public space. Avoid working in one’s bedroom, especially while in bed.  Sitting or lying in bed signals the brain to relax and go into “low-battery” mode. With multiple family members working online at the same time, headphones are suggested. 

  3. Take a break from screens and get outside after the end of the school day. Designate homework hours with a clear start and finish time. Having an open-ended schedule tends to increase procrastination and unnecessarily drag out work, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning... 

  4. Encourage movement breaks throughout the day. This can include moving the body in a way that raises the heart rate before school starts as well as being purposeful about using the time between classes to walk around, get a breath of fresh air (when we have it!).

Is late work accepted?

To be eligible for full credit, all work is due on the assigned due date.

A student may earn up to 50% credit on late work if it is submitted before the end of the corresponding unit. After the unit closes, the missing work becomes a permanent zero. 

Project grades are reduced by 10% each day past the deadline.

How can my student contact teachers?

Students can reach teachers through email, private comments on Google Classroom, or during Instructional Support time.  The most effective way to communicate with teachers is to log into Instructional Support time. 

What will grades look like on the Trimester 1 report card?

We are returning to a regular letter grade/percentage grading system in Illuminate. 

How often should my student check Illuminate? 

Ask your student to check Illuminate once per week as a regular progress check. Students should check Google Classroom daily to see a more up-to-date picture of current assignment status.