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Attendance Information

Jenn Perry - Registrar and Attendance Coordinator

831.438.0610 phone

831.439.8935 fax


You may report your child's absence at any time of day or night by email or phone:


831.438.0610  (Press 2 and leave a message)                          

We check the answering service each morning for calls received after school hours.

Short Term Independent Study information

While we encourage families to save travel for holidays and vacations, there are times that it is unavoidable and students must miss school.

Short-term independent study is provided for families who will be absent 3-10 days during the school year.

Parents should contact their school administrator as SOON as they are aware of planned travel. 

Application must be turned in to the school office at least 10 school days prior to the date of the first absence.  

See the link to the application above.