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SVMS Newsletter, 08/23/2019
Posted 8/23/19

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Newsletter August 2019

Dear Families, 

I hope the start to school has been a smooth one for you all. We are so happy to have our students return and look forward to a wonderful, productive year!  

Back to School Night, 9.5.19:  Please join us for Back to School Night on Thursday, September 5th, beginning at 6pm.  Your student will bring home a flier, with their schedule and room numbers included, for your use that evening.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to join us and learn about your child’s daily life at school, classroom expectations and more.  Please follow the schedule provided to ensure a productive evening. This event is for adults only. Further, parking will be very challenging. Please plan for this as we will begin promptly at 6pm.  

Choir Club Begins!  We are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Choir Club teacher, Mr. Brett Crockett. Mr. Crockett comes to us with an extensive choir and music background from UCSC.  Choir will run from 7:15-8am, Tuesdays-Thursdays. Students are encouraged to attend the lunch-time meeting on Tuesday, August 27th. Announcements will be in the Daily Bulletin.  Choir will start on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:15am in room 26. 

Sunrise Club Begins 8.26.19!  Each morning, at 7am, room 2 is open and available to your students.  Kids may use the Chromebooks, work on homework, read, and more, in a teacher-supervised classroom.  

Homework Club Begins 8.26.19!  On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:40-4pm, students are welcome in room 21 to work quietly on homework and school tasks.  Chromebooks are available in this teacher-supervised setting. Students need not sign up, but will be required to sign in. 

Remedy Room Begins 8.28.19!  Every short Wednesday from 1-2pm, your student is invited to complete any and all work that was not completed the week before. This voluntary opportunity is available for students who would like to recover points from a missed/late assignment.  It is their opportunity to “remedy” their grade.  

Drop Off and Pick Up: If you drive your child to school, the ONLY location to drop off and pick up your child is in the school parking lot at the Roundabout.  This is for everyone’s safety. Our neighbors have already expressed concern and we would like to be good neighbors and set a good example in our community.  Thank you for your cooperation in this! 

Instructional Aide/Yard Duty Opening SVMS is in need of two Instructional Aides to support our educational program.  Each position is part-time and includes Yard Duty supervision as well. We would love to have your support! Please contact Mary Lonhart ( if you are interested.  Thank you for your consideration. 

As always, we thank you for your support!  We are off to a great start with 550 students and look forward to watching them learn and grow. 

Take care.

Mary Lonhart