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*Math 7: Jacobson

Daily Assignments

Find and Turn In ALL Assignments in Google Classroom!

Questions? Email me any time.

Math 7 Online Meetings Wednesdays 11:00

Week Goals May 18-May 22: Probability& Data Stats

ALL BOOKS ARE Due This Week!!! Put a sticky note with your name and Jacobson on all math books!

Week Goals May 11-May 15

Scale Drawings Review

Intro to Triangle Constructions


Week Goals May 4-May 8

More Volume and Surface Area of Prism

Triangle Inequality Theorem


Week Goals April 27- May 1

3-D Volume vs Surface Area


Week Goals: April 20-24

*3-D Vocabulary

*2-D Cross Sections from slicing 3-D Figures

Week Goals: April 13-17

*Area of a Circle

*Radius, Diameter, Circumference, & Area word problems

Week Goals: March 30 - April 3

* Identify parts of a circle

*Identify and Calculate Circumference, Diameter, and Radius


Pi =Circumference divided by the Diameter   

C=Diameter x Pi

 Diameter=Circumference divided by Pi

2 radii= 1 diameter a radius is half a diameter

is irrational 3.14159265...goes on and on forever with no repeating pattern. 

We use an approximation of Pi to do calculations to get approximate answers. Most often, we round Pi to the nearest hundredth 3.14 or use the fraction 227

Week Goals: March 23-27

*Create Equations to Solve for Missing Angles *Solve Equations using Angle Relationships


Please make sure that you are signed up for Google Classroom and Khan Academy for the 3rd Trimester. 

If necessary, digital assignments will begin the week of 3/23-3/27.

Google Class Code: 2k3fubz

Khan Academy Class Code: 7BW4WWE9

If you missed the angle quiz, click this link. Take a photo of your answer sheet and email it to me at

For some fun challenges, try the Brilliant daily problems!



Daily Assignments Expectations

Headers: Name, Class Number, and Assignment Date are on the top right corner of the paper

Understanding: Your Level of Understanding  for the assignment is circled top middle of paper.

Organization: All work shown with plenty of room to clearly demonstrate your reasoning. Work down for multiple step problems. Only one problems per box (multiple boxes OK for longer problems) Followed set problem guidelines. Complete responses that effectively communicate reasoning. Used correct mathematical language and symbols throughout

Completion: All problems completed - Student made an excellent attempt to answer each problem and showed some excellent logic (may be incorrect)

Answers: Final answer clearly circled and stars or checks to indicate which answers are correct or incorrect.

Learn from Mistakes: Student asks questions, writes notes, or comes in for clarification to learn from any mistakes.

Timeliness: Turned in on time.

Total Points Possible: 10

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset



I give up.

This is too hard.

I can’t make this any better.

I can’t do math.

I’m not good at this.

I made a mistake.

I’ll never be as smart as her.

I’m awesome at this!

I’ll use some of the strategies I’ve learned.

This may take some time and effort.

Is this really my best work?

I can always improve; I’ll keep trying.

I’m going to train my brain in math.

Mistakes help me improve.

I’m going to figure out what she does and try it.

I’m on the right track

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CPM Class Textbook Code: 3AKR8

Google Class Code: 2k3fubz

Khan Academy Class Code: 7BW4WWE9