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Grade 6 Welcome Page

Homework & Events

Distance Learning Citizenship: As we work together during this emergency, it is important that we continue to make responsible, respectful, and safe choices about how we use powerful digital tools. 

The same expectations of engagement, originality, and respect in communication we use in our rooms, we expect online. 

Materials provided are intended for instruction and use of enrolled students only. 


• Must be legible to be graded. Proofread your assignments for spelling and punctuation errors.

• Each assignment must have a first and last name, class period, and date, in the upper left-hand corner.

• In math, students must show all of their work and explanations, and correct missed answers for full credit.

• Students must write with complete sentences for full credit.

• Homework is immediately due upon entering the classroom.

-All assignments turned in one day late will drop in points/grade.  - NO EXTRA CREDIT WORK IS GIVEN!