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8th Grade : Jerry Fusari


7th and 6th Grade:

 Kanani Thomas


2014 Champion Plaque

Girls' Basketball

High School Summer Basketball information!

SVHS Girls Basketball Summer Info

Girls Basketball Open Gyms at Scotts Valley High 

May 3rd - June 4

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30PM 

Saturdays from 10-12PM


For more information about Summer Basketball opportunities contact the Varsity Coach, Kanani Thomas, or visit the SVHS girls basketball website.


2021-22 CCAL Girls Basketball Schedule
  • Tryouts ~ August 16, 2021, or T.B.A.

  • Game Times : 4 p.m., 5:15, 6:30 p.m.
  • All games are 7 minutes per quarter
  • 5 Timeouts per game (3 full minutes, 2 ~ 30 sec.)
  • 7-minute halftime
  • No back-court guarding for 6/7 grade games and if ahead by 20 points.


 Mission Hill (MH), New Brighton (NB), San Lorenzo Valley (SLV), each have three teams

 Scotts Valley (SV), Shoreline (SHL), Branciforte (B40) each have two teams.

The (#) after each school represents the number of games they will play that night.  If only two games the times will be 4 pm and 5:15

Wed. Sept. 8 (7,8,6) Mon. Sept.. 13 (8,7,6) Wed. Sept. 15 (7,8,6)
  • MH @ SLV  (3)
  • SHL @ SV  (2) 
  • NB @ B40  (2)
  • SLV  @ NB (3)
  • SV @ B40 (2)
  • MH  @ SHL (2)
  • B40 @ MH (2)
  • NB  @ SV (3)
  • SLV @ SHL (2)
Mon. Sept.. 20 (8,7,6) Wed. Sept. 22 (7,8,6) Mon Sept. 27 (8,7,6)
  • NB  @ SHL (2)
  • MH @ SV  (3)
  • B40  @ SLV (2)
  • SLV  @ SV  (3)
  • NB @ MH  (3)
  • B40 @ SHL (2)
  • SLV  @ MH (3)
  • SV @ SHL  (2)
  • B40 @ NB  (2)
Wed. Sept. 29 (7,8,6) Mon Oct. 4 (8,7,6) Wed. Oct. 6  (7,8,6)
  • NB  @ SLV  (3)
  • B40 @  SV (2)
  • SHL @ MH (2)
  • MH  @ B40  (2)
  • SV @ NB   (3)
  • SHL @ SLV (2)
  • SHL @ NB  (2)
  • SV  @ MH  (3)
  • SLV  @ B40 (2)
 Mon Oct. 11 (8,7,6)       
  • SV  @ SLV  (3)
  • MH  @ NB (3)
  • SH  @  B40 (2)

   To determine the league winner, each coach must send their scores (not just win/loss) to their Athletic Directors after each game.  Ties will be counted by head to head first and then by point totals.




8th Graders Win the Lady Irish Post Season Tournament!
8th Graders Win the Lady Irish Post Season Tournament!
2016-17 7th Grade Champions ~ Tournament and League
2016-17 7th Grade Champions ~ Tournament and Leauge
Q and A

Q:  How many Girls' Basketball teams does SVMS have?

A:  Typically, SVMS will have three Girls' Basketball teams (6th, 7th, and 8th grade).

Q: How can my athlete participate?

A: Come to the informational meeting (TBA), pick up a green health form and come to tryouts.

A:  Completed Health Forms must be turned into the Coach at tryouts.

A:  If your child made the roster a code of conduct/donation packet will be passed out.  A parent meeting will be scheduled to meet the coach and return completed packets. All packets after that must be returned to the Athletic Director or office envelope prior to uniform check out and game participation.

W SV vs 8 7 6
SHL   9/8/21 W   W
B40  9/13/21 L   L
NB  9/15/21 W W L
MH  9/20/21 L L L
SLV  9/22/21 W W L
SHL  9/27/21 W   W
B40  9/29/21 W   L
NB  10/4/21 L W L
MH  10/6/21 L L L
SLV  10/11/21 W W L


2019-20 SVMS Win Loss Record
School 8 7 6
ND L W n/a
B40 W W W
PCS W    
MVC     L
Aptos L L  


2018-19 SVMS Win/Loss Record
~School 8 7 6
Mission Hill W L W


New Brighton L W W
Notre Dame W W ~
Shoreline W W  

PCS.....8th (L)....7th....(W)

2017-18 SVMS Win/Loss Record
School 8th 7th 6th Extra
Holy Cross W -- --  
Mission Hill W W L  
Branciforte L W W 6th-W
New Brighton L L W  
San Lorenzo Valley W W L  
Notre Dame W W --  
Shoreline W W W  
PCS W L ---  
Monte Vista W --- L  


2014 6th Grade Central Coast Athletic League Champions
2014 6th Grade Central Coast Athletic League Champions
2013 Lynn Beebe Memorial 6th Grade Champions
Lynn Be2013 6th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament Champions!

Lynn Beebe was a very beloved teacher throughout all of Santa Cruz County and Scotts Valley for almost 30 years.  She was a friend, daughter, teacher, an athletic director, school counselor, a college mentor and a long time girls Basketball Coach. (She was actually one of my Varsity Coaches when I attended Harbor High School, a long time ago.)   She passed away on Jan. 22, 2012 after a long battle with Cancer.  Our pavilion was dedicated in her honor and also created the first 6th grade home post season tournament in her name.  We will continue it every year with much respect and gratitude to our beloved Ms. Beebe.

~Raina Giguiere

SVMS 2016-17 Win/Loss Record
SCHOOL 8th 7th 6th
Notre Dame L W extra(MH)  W 
Holy Cross n/a W extra(NB) L
San Lorenzo Valley W W W
Mission Hill W W W
New Brighton W W
Shoreline W W _
Branciforte W W W
PCS - W ---