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  Katrin Deetz (831) 438-0610 ex: 221 Math & Science Teacher
Seventh Grade Science Syllabus:

1) Science will explore 5 main units following the Next Generation Science Standards: Plate Tectonics, Rocks & Minerals, Erosion, Chemistry, and Ecology;

2) Grades are weighted:

60% Homework & Classwork

40% Assessments

late work policy

Late work is accepted from an excused absence with no penalty (excused absences would be illnesses, doctor’s appointments, etc.); one day absent equals one extra day to complete work.  

Late work policy for unexcused work is as follows: Work submitted 1 school-day late will receive one full letter grade reduction (ex: an A would become a B).  

Work submitted 2 school-days late or more will receive reduced-credit only up to 70% (ex: an A  would become a 70% C- grade, but F quality work might get 50%). Late work is only accepted up to three weeks past the original due date.  


Explore is an organization dedicated to animals; check out their awesome animal cams!

Do your part to reduce plastic pollution. Check out 5Gyres to learn about the pervasive plight of plastics.



Big rocks

Science 7 Deetz

Sunset on the Ocean
Homework Calendar
Kirkwood Meadows
Monterey Bay
Enjoy Your World!
Tiger Lily

Science Class Resources can be found in Mrs. Deetz' GoogleClassroom.

Test Corrections

If you score a 69% or lower on a quiz or test, you can do test corrections to raise your grade up to C (75%) credit. Here's how:

1) Get a separate sheet of paper, and title it "Corrections";

2) For only the problems you missed, answer the question correctly;

3) Staple your corrections to the original quiz, and turn it in.

Students can do 2 test corrections per trimester. 

Enjoy the world

Check out World Wildlife Fund for information on how you can help protect animals like the endangered Amur Leopard

Snowy Mountain
Cat Drinking From Birdbath

Explore the grand Scale of the Universe 

Mossy Trees
Snowy Night Scene

Check out LiveScience for the latest exciting Science news!

Worldometers World Population Counter

7.7 billion humans and growing

Badwater Basin