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Thank You in Word Art

Thank you to all the volunteers who have graciously offered to help SVMS. We understand how hard it is to find time to give back to your child's school and continue to do everything else we do as parents.  You are truly appreciated.  


2018/2019 PTA Positions
 2018/2019 POSITIONS    
Board Positions    
President Farah Theissen
Auditor Katie Howell
VP Membership Mimi Desmond
Treasurer Vanda Cash
Secretary Kara Kreer
SVEF Larisa Taylor
Chair and Committee Positions    
Student of the Month Chair OPEN
Color Run Chair Gina Johnson & Kara Kreer
Krunch Korral Wendy Abel
Terrific Tickets Traci Gulledge
Dance Chair Shrya Horner
Bake Sale Chair Tracy Swart
Spirtwear OPEN
Drive for Schools
Box Tops OPEN  
Data Entry Naiomi Dudek
Web Day Packets (PTA) Farah Theissen
Hospitality Carolyn Auman
Social Media Chair Gina Johnson
eSmile Mimi Desmond