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Mark Bowler

Alma Black

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2018-2019 League Champs

Congratulations to:

7th grade Boys and Girls

8th grade Boys

SLV Course Map
SLV Course Map
Scotts Valley High School Course
Scotts Valley High School Course
Soquel HS Course 2017-18
Soquel HS XC Course 2017-18
Pinto Lake Course
Map of Pinto Lake
7th grade 2015
6th grade 2014
Jeremy Wins 4th place for the NATIONAL Jr. Olympic XC! Hip Hip Hooray! 12/10/16
Jeremy Wins 4th place for the NATIONAL Jr. Olympic XC! Hip Hip Hooray! 12/10/16
2014 SVMS Cross Country Training
2014 SVMS Cross Country Team

Cross Country

2021-22 CCAL XC Schedule

Dates and Venues Subject to Change!  

Dates                   Location                       Host                       Time             


9/10/21         San Lorenzo Valley H.S.       SLV                         4 pm

9/17/21             Soquel High School          NB/SHL                  4 pm

9/24/21                   Pinto Lake                    ND                          4 pm

10/1/21        Scotts Valley High School     SVMS                      4 pm    

10/8/21        (League Finals)  SLV H.S.     SLV                            4 pm

Extra meets and away practices (optional):

This section is subject to changes!

Thursday, Sept. 9th : (tentative) Wilder Ranch XC with PCS

                                    Aaron W. ran and placed first!

Thursday, Sept 16th :  Mission Springs XC 

                                        Be there at 4pm.  

Thursday, Sept. 23rd:  Wilder Ranch

Q and A

Q:   Are there tryouts for Cross Country?

A:  No, just come out, have fun, condition, and RUN!  You must turn in the required forms to the Office Athletics envelope or bring them to the coach before you can practice.   See the HOME page for downloadable forms or pick them up at school.  The forms tree will be outside the office door.

Q. What do I bring to practice?

  • A. Your own water bottle!
  •     Good running shoes     
  •     Clothes you will NOT overheat in such as shorts and light tank top or t-shirt
  •       A good attitude for fun running!

Please also join our Cross Country Shutterfly site:

PS ~ We will need a moderator for the 2021-22 season!

2016 Cross Country Team
2016 Cross Country Team

Photo Credits: Eric Fingal, at Covello & Covello Photography

(831) 423-2922

kids running on a track
Practice Henry Cowell
Practice Henry Cowell
2019-20 Practice Schedule (sample only)

Check here as information may be changed!  This is a tentative practice schedule which includes away practices.

Other away practices will include running in the surrounding neighborhoods of SVMS.

Daily from 2:45 to 4:00 at SVMS  

Times will be adjusted for AWAY practices on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays!  This schedule is subject to change!

Tuesday, Sept 10th ~ SLV High School ~ 3:15 to 4:30 meet in the parking lot around the backside of the baseball and football fields (closest to the Fall Creek Trails)

Wednesday, Sept 18th ~ Scotts Valley High School ~ 3 to 4:30 meet at the parking lot side bleachers.

Tuesday, Sept. 24 ~ Soquel High School ~ 3:15 to 4:30    meet at the parking lot closest to the football field.

THURSDAY, Sept. 26 ~ Extra "AWAY FUN MEET"

Wilder Ranch!  Hosted by PCS.  Time TBA

Wednesday, Oct. 2 ~ Beach Run~ 3:15 to 4:30.  Run to Natural Bridges

Bring Swim Suits/towels for water play at ITS BEACH

Drop Off and Pick up at the Lighthouse Parking Lot/Field

Tuesday, Oct. 8 ~ DelaVeaga Park ~ 3:15 to 4:30                 

Meet at the Field for warmups

Wednesday, Oct.16 ~ Lodato Park Scotts Valley (T.B.A) or Henry Cowell

If Henry Cowell State Park ~ 3 to 4:30  meet at the parking lot on Graham Hill Road close to Treetop we will run up to the observation deck from there.

2017-18 League Winners!

8th grade Girls and Boys

7th grade Girls and Boys

Just about everyone PR'd.

Way to go Dolphins!

2016-17 Cross Country Results

RESULTS - Sept 16 2016.pdf

RESULTS - Sept 23 2016.pdf

RESULTS - Sept 30 2016.pdf

RESULTS - October 7 2016 (1).pdf

RESULTS - October 14 2016.pdf

RESULTS - October 21 2016.pdf

Congratulations to the FIRST PLACE TEAMS!   

2016-17 Girls 6th grade and Boys 7th grade

2015 Champs!

Congratulations 2015-16 6th grade Boys and Girls teams!  

First Place

XC Results Finals - October 23 2015.pdf

2014 Champs!

Congratulations to the following CCAL Champion  

Cross Country TEAMS!

6th Grade Girls

7th Grade Girls

8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys!

Go Dolphins!


October 17 2014 XC Finals.pdf

2014 Cross Country Finals.docx