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English 6

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Course Outline   English 6

English Classes will follow the National Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

English Language Arts is the study of self-expression through written and spoken word.  Year-long activities include journal response writing, spelling, vocabulary development, interpretation of literature, discussion and writings, grammar, presentation skills, and editing skills. In addition, there are writing projects designed to tie in with each history unit to help students synthesize the material better while learning different writing styles. 

English Literature is the reading and analysis of novels. The entire class as a whole will read FIVE books this year.  Each novel closely relates to the ancient cultures we study in history.  Silent reading, small and large group readings, discussion, projects, and tests will accompany each book. 

Spelling and Grammar

Each week, students will take a spelling pretest Monday in class. They will bring home their list to study, take an additional pretest with a parent signature (required), and will take a spelling test every Friday. Students will track their individual progress and growth.  

Writing Expectations

Expectations for writers include: Use binder paper for written assignments, use blue or black ink or #2 pencils for handwritten work, final writing assignments MUST be typed or written neatly in pen, use a simple 12-point font for typewritten work, typed papers must be double-spaced, essays and research papers must be typed, YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES! (See your Binder Reminder for examples), assignments will need to be re-done if they are not legible, and you will lose credit if you choose to ignore the above guidelines.