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Pacific Locker
4/16/18 9:45 AM
4/16/18 9:45 AM

SAI English A & B


Assignments are provided to students individually and at their appropriate academic level.

SIA English A

Mr. Cheek

The Pacific Academy

Room E

          831-438-0610, ext. 227


Course Description: 

Students will learn valuable reading strategies that will improve their reading accuracy, rate, overall fluency, and comprehension.

Students will learn how to structure sentences, paragraphs, and essays. 

Students will further develop their skills in teamwork, thoughtful discussion, note-taking, studying, and organization. 

The teacher will be aligning elements of the course content with the general education English course content. 

We will focus on the following areas:

Reading – the instructor will be utilizing a structured, multisensory language arts program, where we will focus on the following:

Phonology and Phonological Awareness - the study of sounds and how they work.

Sound-Symbol Association – the knowledge of sounds and the letter(s) that represent those sounds.

Syllable Division – basic syllable types in the English language, such as closed, open, vowel-consonant-e, consonant-le, and r-controlled.

Morphology – the study of base words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Syntax - the study of grammar and the mechanics of language

Semantics - instruction in comprehension.

Structured Writing - students will learn sentence, paragraph, and essay formation.

Literature - students will be reading Hoot, and The Lightning Thief.


Materials Required:

Binder Reminder        highlighter(s)

1” 3 ring binder           pen

dividers (5 subjects)   binder paper



Student Expectations: 

The behavioral expectations are listed and logged in the behavior chart.  Every day, students are expected to:

  • come prepared for class
  • follow directions first time asked
  • follow directions without complaint or argument
  • use courteous words and actions towards others
  • stay focused and on task 



Grades:  Successful students will attend class regularly and be respectful of the classroom expectations.  Grades will be based on the following:

  • Participation – 50%
  • Class assignments/homework – 30%
  • Quizzes – 20%

I have read and understand the course outline for SAI English A & B.


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