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Math Pathways

The Scotts Valley Unified School District is committed to ensuring all students have access to math classes that are appropriately challenging and allows the students to successfully learn the content presented. It is important to note that the mathematics pathways provided for students will allow them to reach their full potential and move forward into a successful college-going path if they so choose. 


At the end of their sixth grade year, all sixth grade students will take a Standards-Based Assessment that measures students’ mastery of standards in expressions and equations, geometry, the number system, ratios and proportional relationships, and statistics and probability, as well as the basic Computational Skills Assessment. These assessments, along with results from classroom based assessments and grade point average, will be considered when determining the appropriate math placement in 7th grade. Parents will be informed of students’ math placement in May of their child’s 6th grade year. 

In eight grade, all students will again be assessed using a standards-based testing that measures students’ mastery of standards in the same areas as stated above, but at an accelerated level. Teachers will review year-long progress on assessments, grade point average in math courses, and class participation. This will help provide information for teachers as they provide recommendations for students’ placement going into high school mathematics. There are a variety of math classes students can enter into when they reach high school and you can see the below math pathways. 



Once students have completed their assessment, those students who demonstrate exceptional math skills will be invited to apply for the Math Academy program. This program is an accelerated course of study taking three courses and providing them throughout one school year.