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You can download our textbook's "Parent Guide" if any of the math looks unfamiliar to you when you are trying to help out your student with math class! 


Here is the video explaining how to use the Online Textbook or "eBook"!


Information for Parents

The Link between Praise and Motivation

Even Geniuses Work Hard

How to Learn Math for Students -- online, free course designed by Stanford Professor to help students become better math learners.

Conquering Math Anxiety


Stuck on the Escalator

The Marshmallow Challenge - Engineering and Teamwork

Math 8 Honors


Math 8 Honors at SVMS follows the California Common Core Standards.


The primary foci of this class will be:

(1) Linear Algebra including linear functions and solving systems of equations and inequalities.

(2) Exponential Functions and sequences

(3) Geometry including transformation in the plane, triangle congruence proofs, and quadrilaterals

(4) Data and Statistics including a comprehensive look at two variable statistics and analyses of linear models of data

We will be using the CPM Integrated Math 1 textbook for this course. This is a high school level course which will prepare you for taking IB mathematics your junior year. You will have access to an ebook. You may also choose to check out a hardback book to keep at home.

An important component of this course will be a discussion of mathematical ideas. It is imperative that you follow along in class and contribute to class discussions. In addition, you will have regular challenge sheets that will require you to explain your reasoning in writing.

Information is Beautiful

Great site

STRING ART Design Challenge

Idea gallery -- other projects by 7th and 8th graders

Best Directions

Templates for layering

Some more simple patterns

Instructions for common geometric shapes


Introductory activities -- best source for templates

Coffee Cup Curves activity


Data Analyst Intro Video

Introductory video for Standard Deviation


Data mapped to see changes video


How to Create a Box and Whisker Plot

Video explaining Relative Frequency and Associations -- start watching at 3:33

An excellent description of Two Way Frequency Tables and how they can be used.


Data Sets from the Census Bureau

Historical Poverty Data from the Census Bureau

Historical Income Tables from the Census Bureau


After your data work from the Census, I thought you might find these two sites interesting:

One Dot -- shows neighborhood racial makeup in color

GapMinder -- allows you to do all sorts of worldwide comparisons


Rocking the Residuals Graphs to investigate

Rocking the residuals graph 1

Rocking the Residuals Graph 2

Rocking the Residuals Graph 3

Rocking the Residuals Graph 4

Rocking the Residuals Graph 5

Hexaflexagon Instructions

Folding instructions


Homework      10%    

Classwork      20%    

Challenges and Portfolio pieces    10%  

Tests and Quizzes       60%


Ebook site -- log in with your school google account


Enrollment code for Ebook: 



Period 1: j573t2t

Period 2: 3aetg2