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  • Parents should call the office immediately to report any student absence.

  • If parents do not call the office within three days of the absence with a reason, the absence will be marked unexcused.

  • Excused Absence: illness, doctor/dental appointments, religious observances, and death within the family are the only reasons the State of California accepts.

  • All other absences will be recorded as unexcused unless a student has an Independent Study Contract.

  • Students who have excessive excused or unexcused absences may be asked to appear before SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) to determine whether or not Scotts Valley Middle School is the appropriate learning environment for them.

  • Students must be in attendance or at a school-sponsored activity to participate in extracurricular activities that day. This includes but is not limited to sporting events and school dances.

  • Family vacations and trips out of town ARE NOT excused absences. Teachers are not required to give work to students who are gone are on vacation, nor are they expected to meet with students who have missed school for vacations to reteach the material.